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How can I track deliveries?

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The food booking system is an online ordering system only, not a delivery tracking or kitchen monitoring system. Orders are accepted in real-time to make sure you get the order and you properly accept it. What you do with the order after this is up to you.

If you need to track your deliveries and manage your delivery drivers, there are several 3rd party solutions that food booking integrates with. When referring to integration guide, please follow the guides which refer to “Gloria Food”.

Delivery tracking integration is configured from the following page in the restaurant manager admin.

How can I track deliveries? 1

Supported 3rd party apps are are as follows. For any support, you will need to contact these providers directly.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can connect the online ordering system to QuestTag so you may get an idea of how it works.

Alternatively, you can also check Orderlord, which also provides a kitchen management module within their system:

Or Tookan:

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