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Is there any recommended printer model?

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Here is the list of recommended printers:



EPSON TM-T20IIModel: Ethernet





Ethernet, WiFi with dongle


Ethernet, WiFi

STAR TSP143IIIModels: Ethernet (LAN) or WiFi (WLAN)

Ethernet / WiFi

STAR TSP654Model: Ethernet (LAN)


If you are interested in acquiring a thermal printer we would suggest to check the following printer model from Star which is quite reliable and easy to implement:

Star TSP143IIILAN Ethernet – Connection to the router via ethernet cable

Star TSP143IIIWLAN Wireless LAN – Connection to the router via WiFi

An Ethernet printer can be connected via UTP cable in the network, (e.g. plugged in directly in the LAN WiFi router). When the order-taking device is connected to the same WiFi router (hence the same network), then the order taking app will be able to scan for the printer and connect to it.

It may be needed, the first time, to connect a laptop or PC to that printer and do some initial settings on it (for example configure the DHCP settings). Please refer to the manual of the printer you provided for the initial settings of the printer  and/or accompanying software CD, or look for online tutorials such as these:

For Epson printers, you may find this tutorial useful.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth thermal printer then you may check the following model:

Epson TM-m30

Note: We encourage you to get a LAN printer instead of a Bluetooth one for better performance and reliability.
We generally do not recommend Bluetooth due to reliability issues.

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