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Printing orders via SMS from the order-taking app

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While we technically provide the possibility to forward order details via SMS to an SMS printer only on IOS devices or just copy the order details into any other application, on phones and tablets with a SIM slot, this is not a printing method that we recommend. Sending SMS from the order taking app is not possible due to Google publishing regulation, therefore it is no longer supported.


1) SMS printers have the tendency to crash silently or ignore the print

2) When the order is quite large the print is mixed up or no print at all, this is due to the 900 characters limitation for long-SMS from carriers

3) In case the SIM-card subscription expires then it may silently stop receiving SMS

Try instead the much more reliable LAN thermal printers. If you are interested in acquiring a thermal printer I would suggest to check the following printer models from Star which are quite reliable and easy to use:

Star TSP143IIILAN Ethernet – Connection to the router via ethernet cable

Star TSP143IIIWLAN Wireless LAN – Connection to the router via WiFi

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