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QuestTag Integration Guide

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QuestTag is a 3rd party dispatch delivery tracking solution that integrates with Food Booking.

Once connected, any order placed on your Food booking ordering page will be automatically entered to QuestTag dispatch system to manage and track your deliveries.

With Food Booking and QuestTag integration, restaurants can now easily create and mange their own system to get online orders and manage deliveries without any third party marketing companies and their hefty commissions and fees.

Here is how the integration works:

1.Open a QuestTag account by signing up here:

2.Once you log in to QuestTag account, go to “My Account” from the Menu.

Under “My Account”, you will see “API Key” and a “show” button

3. This will ask for Password to show the API key, Please enter you QuestTag account password

Once you enter the Password, you will see this long alpha-numeric text. Copy to a text file, Save the API Key and go to your Food Booking restaurant manager, enable QuestTag and add the API key.

Here is a short video to show you how.

After the integration is complete, the order information will automatically come in to QuestTag Dispatch Dashboard. See how it works below.

As you can see, it is really easy to do and no coding is required.

We think this integration will give power back to the restaurant owners to control their destiny with the online orders.

By having a system of their own, restaurants can increase profitability (no more cuts to third party services), and get to know their online customers.

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