Restaurant Promotions Engine
For Online Ordering

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Promotion module fully integrated with online ordering

Our online restaurant promotions engine for online ordering includes a built-in restaurant promotion module so you can create incentives for new or returning customers.
These will appear like banners at the top of your online restaurant menu, to make it easier for customers to find them and place an order. 

The basic version is included as standard, allowing the restaurant to run one promo at a time by using one of the 6 templates available. Such promotions are immediately available when creating the restaurant account. 

The Advanced promotions module is a paid subscription service that will allow multiple promos running in parallel and will give access to several, more intricate promo templates that are not available in the free basic mode (as a rule of thumb, those extra-templates that are more difficult to set and may require expert assistance to get it right).

The extra promotions are locked by default, you may purchase the advanced promotions addon from your billing account.

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Intuitive promotion editor

We’ve made a jukebox with the best promotions that work time and again.

Pick one as your template and then easily configure everything, from image and text to scheduling and coupon code. Your customers will find ordering food online easier than ever!

Smart targeting and segmentation

One size doesn’t fit all so we made it possible to target your customers based on their behaviour – first time purchasers, long time regulars or maybe clients who ordered through a certain sales channel.

You can even create upsell strategies in order to increase average order value.

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    Real-time reporting to check your results

    See what promotions work best and where you can improve – everything directly from the visual reporting module.

    Keep up to date with real-time statistics to see what promos worked best. Use the delivery heatmaps and customer reports to make informed business decisions.

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