Affiliates & Resellers

Earn money by referring clients to food booking or reselling to your clients.



Join our affiliate program and earn generous commissions by referring clients to us using your own referral link.

We offer a generous 100% commission on the first month’s payment of any products/services orders using your affiliate link.

Pro Plans100%
Branded Mobile App50%
Google Business & Bing Setup10%
Website Builder100%
SEO Tools100%
XOVI Now / Market Goo10%


Any referred clients and their purchased products/services must remain active for a minimum of 90 days (3 months), without any cancellations or refunds. Commissions payouts will only be made after these conditions have been met.

Commissions are one-time payments of the first months purchase value. So if the purchased products is £20 pe rmonth, and the commission is 100%, you will receive £20.

Minimum payout amount is £50.



You may resell Food Booking products and services to your own clients and earn up to 20% discount on your purchases. You may of course charge whatever price you desire to your own customers.

To qualify for a reseller disocunt, you simply need to have an active account in good standing with a minimum of 5 clients.

Once you have met this requirement, simply let us know and we will apply your reseller discount.


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