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What POS systems can I use with Food Booking

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While there are many POS systems which may work, below are two POS systems that offer a well-documented integration setup with our online ordering solution.
Please note that the integration is listed as “Gloria Food”.

IN ADDITION to the POS integrations mentioned above, another 24+ POS integrations are available through the Checkmate middle-ware solution:

Important disclaimer: the end-result of such POS integrations may vary  from POS to POS and from one restaurant setup to another, therefore we highly recommend to contact Checkmate and ask for very specific details.

Regarding custom integrations with any / other POS at your choice.
We do provide the API’s needed for such integration but that’s not really a walk in the park to set it up.

Considering the current standardization of POS technologies, we identified that the only good reason to integrate with a POS is to shave some of those 10-30 seconds per order spent on punching the order into the POS, while doing the final inspection step. But this makes commercial sense only on very large volume of orders, for restaurants with more than 150 orders per day coming solely from the online channel => those are super-rare cases for which yes, is worth considering our integration API for a custom POS integration .

For most of the restaurants we realized that it is actually simpler, more reliable, flexible and cost-effective to do it like this:

  1. get the order on our order-taking app, review and accept or reject in real-time
  2. print or auto-print the order for the kitchen in maybe 2 copies
  3. cook the food, package and leave the package and the printed order paper for the final station, ready for final inspection (and after that for pick-up or delivery)
  4. inspect the final order details vs print order details to make sure the right food was cooked and properly prepared
  5. punch the order’s total value (and each item details, as the case may be) into the POS and issue the final receipt that will also accompany the package to its final destination, together with one copy of the order, as it was printed on step 2.
  6. additionally, the online ordering can be easily integrated with delivery tracking system to automatically transform the order into a delivery job that can be (auto) dispatched for the rider’s team.
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