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New Order-Taking App

A first version of the new order-taking app is now available. It contains similar functionalities to the previous app plus some improvements.

What’s new?

View orders split into 3 lists: 

  • All (new orders pushed into the app pending for approval/rejection will be at the top of the list);
  • In progress (e.g.: while the food is prepared) – swipe on orders either left or right to mark as ready;
  • Ready (orders ready to be picked up, delivered, served or table reservation confirmed)

Receive orders 24/7 (not only during opening hours)

One of our most requested features, especially from restaurants who want to take advanced orders for later in the week.

Orders will be queued and appear in the app as pending (with no audio notification) until the start of the opening hours. The restaurant staff can log in at any time and accept those orders, even if the restaurant is closed. 

Identify New Clients

New clients are marked with “* 1st order” so that restaurant staff can perform any desired checks, such as make a quick call to make sure they are not fake/prank orders.
Or in case you like to send out promotions, leaflets, review cards in with orders for new customers.

New updates and Features - October 2021 1

How to install the new order-taking app

Visit either the Google Play or the Apple store and download it from there:

You can also search directly in Google Play Store or Apple Appstore for “Restaurant Order-Taking App”.

Use your usual restaurant account credentials to log in.

Please note that this version is English only – multi-language content is to be included in future releases;

Limit scheduled orders 

When is this feature necessary?

For example, there are too many scheduled orders for delivery at a certain time during the day (e.g. dinner time) and the restaurant does not have enough drivers available or sufficient kitchen capacity to prepare all the orders.

Where can you find these settings?

Admin panel -> Other -> Advanced Settings -> Limit scheduled orders

New updates and Features - October 2021 2

How does it work?

The restaurant can choose to have one or both limitations turned on.

  • For pickup: the limitation is always defined per 15 minutes intervals
  • For delivery: the time slot is the same as what the restaurant has defined in Setup-> Services & opening hours -> Scheduled orders

How it looks for the customer

Once the limit for a slot is reached, the slot is shown as Not available in the ordering widget. The first available slot is automatically pre-selected.

New updates and Features - October 2021 3

Google Business listing enhancement

As of this month when a restaurant makes a modification within the restaurant admin panel to their name, contact details, address, opening hours, etc the Google Business listing will also be automatically updated. The updates will be pushed to Google every day at 12 pm UTC time.

In addition to this, when a restaurant sets up an exception time frame within the system, it will also be added to the Google Business listing.

NOTE: This requires that we have management access to your Google Business listing.

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