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We provide a very intuitive drag & drop visual menu editor that anyone can use to configure a food menu. Like this:

Menu upload service 1

However, not all restaurants have someone to carefully load menus, therefore we also provide an affordable manual menu loading service (so far available for English language and English speaking countries only).

The restaurant account holder may upload the menu from within the admin panel, “Menu setup & receive orders” >> “Menu upload” section, like this:

Menu upload service 2

The service price depends on the menu size and logical complexity, therefore it can vary per each upload job. We only provide a quotation upon analyzing the uploaded file.

Can a menu be imported from another ordering system or file? 

The menu is the foundation of the restaurant’s online offering to its clients and therefore a sales tool. Restaurant managers may use it to identify the most popular products, test recipes, various combos, do A/B testing on toppings, etc. Which is why we do not offer any means for auto importing items.

Menu import means that someone splashes some bulk content, therefore poor quality that no one takes the time to look over and make it attractive and coherent for the food client.

The menu is the most important part of the ordering experience and someone from the restaurant should take the time to manually set it up or verify it after we upload it on their behalf.

Also, we do not normally accept third party links of online menus because it is almost impossible to predict what the final result would be when various toppings and add-ons are logically intertwined within tens of page openings, sections, tabs and cross clicks etc.

Can the menu upload service work for other countries or languages? 

Our team can only create menus in English, so restaurants with a non-English market focus wll need to do this themselves. Thank you for your understanding.

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