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Orders for later

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A restaurant may enable, in its administration panel, the option to receive orders for later. This will allow clients to order in advance and choose the right time from the restaurants’ available pickup or delivery hours.

To enable the option, go to the admin panel >> “Services & opening hours” >> “Order for later” section and set it to “yes”. Like this:

Orders for later 1

Then set the timing for pick/up and/or delivery. This will influence the time options displayed to the client. In the example above, the client will not be able to order with delivery for a time which is earlier than 60 minutes from the delivery service starts every day, nor later than 2 days, provided that there is some delivery service available during those 2 days.

So always compare these settings with the opening hours for pickup/delivery.

This will add another option for the client at the checkout.

Orders for later 2

When the food-client wants to order for later we pre-fill the earliest possible time. This earliest possible time depends on three components:
1. The number of minutes set in the admin panel (for example minimum 30 minutes)
2. A fix 15 min buffer. The reason is that the food clients may spend some time on the menu before they actually press the checkout button and they consume this buffer.
3. Rounded up to the next 15 minutes interval

In practice this means that the 60 min configured in the admin panel, the option shown for the client may be anywhere between 75-90 minutes. (60+15+15).

Orders for later 3

When it comes to orders for later, in some cases we don’t immediately push such orders to the order taking app.  There are two cases:

  • the restaurant is open at the time the order is placed (for example 7PM in the evening): In this case the order is pushed to the order taking app right away and there is a clear indicator that the fulfilment date and time is in the future.
  • the restaurant is closed at the time the order is placed (for example 3AM at night): In this case the order is queued until you open the restaurant the next day. Once you open the order is pushed to the order taking app and there is a clear indicator of the fulfilment date and time.
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