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Restaurant promotions with coupon codes

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The promo engine would not be complete without support for coupon codes. Most common restaurant promotion ideas with coupons involve the mass distribution of leaflets (or other printed materials), emails or text messages. The purpose here is to acquire new clients. However, they can also work for building loyalty. Print them on cards and offer them with pickup or delivery for a discount on the next order.

Coupon codes may be set for every promotion template available. They are automatically generated for a promotion, but setting a custom code is also possible, for easier input (e.g. PROMO123).

Restaurant promotions with coupon codes 1

When using coupons, It is recommended to hide the promo from the menu, and only show it to those clients that have received the code via some other channel (flyer, email, text message, Facebook post etc.). Like this:

Restaurant promotions with coupon codes 2

The clients will just insert the code in the cart and the promotion shows up.

Restaurant promotions with coupon codes 3

A bit on the side: Put small promo cards on the dine-in tables to highlight your website URL, along with a tasty dish photo and the “See MENU & Order” button. This way, every dine-in client may also become an online client, ordering more often, together with more people, without even occupying valuable table space during peak times.

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