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The promotion engine

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The Marketing section contains various promotion templates that may be used to design powerful offers, as well as a statistics section displaying the promo results.

This is intended to enhance the restaurant website’s potential by creating attractive promotions for clients, such as discounts & special offers. By making promo deals, the clients will spend more per order and order more often.

The promotion engine 1

The promo and coupons module has a basic version included in the free service, allowing the restaurant to run one promo at a time by using one of the 6 templates available. Such promotions are immediately available when creating the restaurant account.

The Advanced promo module is a paid subscription service that will allow multiple promos running in parallel and will give access to several, more intricate promo templates that are not available in the free basic mode (as a rule of thumb, those extra-templates that are more difficult to set and may require expert assistance to get it right).

The extra promotions are locked by default. A purchase may be generated from any of the templates.

The promotion engine 2

Promotions are displayed at the top of the menu. They may be also hidden and used with a coupon code.

The promotion engine 3

If the restaurant is also using a sales optimized website, a section about promotions can be added to the site as well:

The promotion engine 4

Check some promotion samples and mechanism in this demo website:

The restaurant may closely follow the performance of its promotions in the Stats section, like this:

The promotion engine 5

You may configure the stats to show the count or value, and also set the reporting period.

The promotions engine pro is available as an addon to your main food booking system.


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