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 Food Booking Pricing

No Commissions, no joining fees or hidden costs. You keep all your profits.


* Please refer to terms and conditions below.

Please note that orders are processed and provisioned manually, please allow at least 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, responses to support tickets and enquiries are likely to take longer than normal.

Default Features

These features are always available in all plans.

  • Website Ordering
  • Facebook Ordering
  • Table Booking
  • Opening/Delivery Times
  • Order Ahead
  • Order for Later
  • Delivery Zones
  • Offline Payment Options
  • Customer Mobile App
  • Restaurant Mobile App
  • Promotions Engine Basic
  • Missed Order Alerts

Optional Add-ons


Advanced Promotions Engine
Allow multiple promos running in parallel and will give access to several, more intricate promo templates that are not available in the free basic mode.
£19/pm ORDER
Online Payments
Allow customers to pay online when ordering. Requires a merchant account (Stripe, Worldpay, Adyen,, Braintree)
£30/pm ORDER
Instant sales optimised website generator
An instant, 1 page, sales optimised website for your online ordering system.
£9/pm ORDER
DIY Website Builder
Need something more than the instant website generator? Build your own website with our drag and drop website builder.
from £8.99/pm ORDER
Branded Mobile App
Impress your customers with your own branded mobile app for taking orders.
£59 /pm ORDER


Other Services


Simple Website Design (5 pages) £450
Complex Website Design POA
Domain Names from £12.99
Menu / Flyer design POA
Marketgoo SEO Tools
Improve your sites traffic & grow your business
from £5.99 ORDER


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any technical skills?

If you have chosen for the DIY plan, then you will need to do everything yourself, which does require some basic IT skills and you will need to know how to insert code into your website.

With the starter and pro plan, we can take care of everything for you. You just need to open a support ticket any time you want to make changes.

This covers unlimited changes to your menu, promotions, delivery zones, images, sending reports etc. 

We do however provide you with access to a “restaurant manager” control panel so that you can do things yourself if you are so inclined.

The only thing that may require some IT skills is setting up a receipt printer.

Why should I use you instead of just eat?

auto The big well known guys like Just eat, Deliveroo etc charges 13-18% commission on every single order, which makes a considerable dent in your profits.

So for every £1000 in online sales, they would take £130 or more in commission. For most takeaways this equals hundreds or thousands of pounds per month in lost revenue.

In addition just eat charges a £699 joining fee and also charges your customers a 50p admin fee on every order (boo).

Sure they provide you with a POS system to receive and process orders, but you do not own this, and if you cancel your account with just eat, you will be required to send it back.

They also do not have as many features as food booking, do not support facebook ordering, no custom website design and the generated website they provide for clients is ugly.

These services do however have their benefits. They are well known and widely used, so are useful for bringing in new customers.

So we recommend doing just that, use them to bring in new customers, but then encourage those customers to order directly via your website instead, thus bypassing those commission fees.

But I already use Just eat/Deliveroo etc?

This is not a problem, You can happily run food booking alongside your existing solution.

Just eat and deliveroo are very well known and widely used services, which means they are great for bringing in new customers.

The trick is to then encourage all those customers to start ordering via your own website, facebook page or foodbooking app instead of via just eat or deliveroo, thus bypassing all those commission fees.

This is easily done by updating your marketing, flyers accordingly. You can even offer your customers an incentive deal/discount to order via your new system.

Every order that goes through food booking will be saving you that 13-18% commission.

How To Get Started?

Simply complete our sign-up form, tell us what features you want to enable (you can change this later) and we will setup your account and get in touch with any other details we need.

We will need a copy of your existing menu, plus images of your food that you wish to use for the online menu or sales optimized website. If you do not have any high quality images, we will use generic stock images.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely none, we aim to be as transparent as possible, offering a what you see is what you get service.

The basic food system is free, there are no costs unless you order additional services, support or add-ons.

Please do bear in mind though that you are responsible for your credit/debit card processing fees with your chosen payment provider, or any other external services not provided by us directly, this is nothing to do with us.

Any additional services you request are billed separately, such as website design, hosting, domain names, SEO etc.

What payment providers can I use?

If you wish to use the integrated online payment then the food booking system currently supports Stripe, Braintree, Worldpay &

If you already have an account with one of these providers then you can use it with Food Booking, otherwise you will need to sign-up with one of these providers first.

All of these providers can also be used with most POS systems or have mobile apps or devices to accept card payments in person.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All billing is done on a monthly or yearly basis in advance. 1 month is considered to be 30 days (on average).
  2. No refunds are possible. Cancellation requests will take affect at the end of the current billing period.
  3. Free domain names are limited to Other TLD’s are available for an additional yearly fee.
  4. If you cancel a service that included a free domain name but wish to retain use of the free domain name, then a transfer fee will be applicable.
  5. The DIY plan has no minimum contract and can be cancelled at any time.
  6. The PREMIUM plan has a minimum 6 month contract to cover the custom website design time/cost.
  7. The PRO plan has a minimum 3 month contract to cover time spent on setup, customisation, integrations and any other hands-on support
  8. Included support is limited to the products/services provided by Food Booking UK.
    If you require support with your own website (not created by us) or other 3rd party service, this would be classed as billable support.
  9. Website maintenance is limited to 3 minor changes (15 minutes max) per month. Any major maintenance work will be billable.